What Can I Do About the High Turnover Rate in My Office?


Turnover rate refers to the rate at which you will be required to hire new employees to fill in the vacuum left by leaving employees. While an employee leaving a company isn’t something out of the ordinary, a situation where employees are leaving the company in droves (High turnover) is definitely something you should pay attention to.
Today, we will be sharing the fengshui tips you can employ to help keep the turnover rate in your office lower than before!

1) Position of the HR department

It should go without saying that the HR department will have a direct influence on the hiring process.
Consider repositioning your HR department to the Southwestern area of your office to increase the chances of them picking the prime candidate for the company! Should that be improbable, you can instead shift the desks of your HR department to face the Southwest.
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2) The location of the leader

As the main decision maker in a company, the boss decides the direction the company will take in the long run. As such, the boss will be required to remain level-headed and be able to make decisions in times of need.
Ideally, the authoritative figures should be sitting in the Northwestern region of the office. This would aid in their decision making abilities and enable them to focus on the tasks at hand. Once again, should it be improbable for you to relocate, try to shift your desk to face the Northwestern direction.

3) Improving relationships

The above mentioned methods all involved the shifting of working spaces. If it is impossible to do any of the above, do consider attempting the following:
As it is 2019 when this article is being written, one should look to the Northern or Southern sectors of your office and place a vase there. This will help activate the Romance Stars, which will boost the interpersonal relationships of the people working in the office.
By achieving harmony in the office, you will be more likely to retain employees as a result!
For maximum effectiveness, remember to take things into your own hands and actively seek to solve the problem! While the fengshui setup can help ameliorate the situation, nothing will change if you were to sit around expecting things to magically improve!
Remember: fengshui is not magic, and you should never treat fengshui as such.