How TikTok CEO Chew Shou Zi’s Success is Reflected in His Birthchart (Bazi)

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Singaporean Mr. Chew Shou Zi, CEO of TikTok – a popular video-sharing app – has been in the spotlight lately for testifying before the US Congress about the company’s data security and privacy practices. What’s interesting is how the world seems more interested in Mr. Chew and his success story rather than the legal issues that TikTok is facing. Well, there is a reason for it and the answer most likely lies in his Bazi chart. 

Let’s analyse Mr. Chew Shou Zi Bazi chart and see how it led him to be a certified zaddy by Singapore’s Gen Z.


What is Bazi

Bazi, also known as the Eight Characters or Four Pillars of Destiny, is a form of Chinese astrology that analyses a person’s destiny based on their birth date and time. Based on the Five Elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water, and how they interact with each other in different luck cycles, your Bazi can reveal your personality, potential, and destiny. 


Bazi of Mr Chew 

Mr. Chew was born in Singapore on 1 January 1983. Using his date of birth, we generated his Bazi chart using Way Fengshui’s free Bazi tool.


Yin Earth Element []: Easygoing, resourceful and nurturing

Based on Mr. Chew’s Bazi, his Day Master [己] is Yin Earth, which symbolises the fertile soil from which different living creations sprout. People with this element as a Day Master are typically easygoing and giving. They are also nurturers and can be highly adaptive and resourceful, allowing them to always make the most of what they have.

Mr. Chew certainly reflects this personality as he addressed the US Congress and TikTok fans after the court proceeding, cool as a cucumber and charming at all times. Interestingly, his personality is likely influenced by his timely birth in the year of the Water Dog [壬戌]. It is believed that Water Dogs are intelligent, adaptable and generous. They are also good at making friends and influencing people.


Influence of Unconventional Wealth [偏财] 

Delving deeper into Mr. Chew’s Bazi, we see that he has the archetype (aka Ten God) known as Unconventional Wealth [偏财] or Indirect Wealth. People with this archetype tend to be enterprising, courageous and willing to try new things. They see value that others do not see, and find fortune in places that people do not look. Such individuals can gain big success and earnings through unconventional ways or by taking risks. 

Mr. Chew joined TikTok’s parent company, China-based ByteDance, as its first chief financial officer (CFO) in March 2021 and was appointed TikTok’s CEO in May that year. Under his leadership, TikTok became one of the biggest Chinese tech success stories in the world. Does it have anything to do with the stars in his chart? Let’s anaylse further.


Inherent wealth elements

Mr. Chew is blessed with good fortune and this is not by chance. Many of you are probably aware that the Water element symbolises wisdom and abundance. Well, his Bazi reflects several Water elements, i.e. in the Year stem (天干) and Month pillar (月干、月支) that complement well with his Day Master that’s of the Yin Earth. 

The Water element in his year pillar represents his ancestors and parents. Water, being the element of wisdom, communication, and adaptability, also enhances his Day Master (Yin Earth). As the Water element is complementary with the Earth element (his Day Master), this means that he has strong family support. He likely inherited some of his talents and skills from his family, and he can communicate effectively and adapt to different situations. 

In case you were wondering, Mr. Chew’s father reportedly worked in construction while his mother was in bookkeeping. Does his family background have anything to do with him being in Hwa Chong Institution, one of the top-performing all-through schools in Singapore? Regardless, people often say that education is the key to success and being a Hwa Chong alumni has definitely paved the path for Mr. Chew in some ways. 


Enhanced stability and composure

In the study of Bazi and fengshui, balance and harmony are two essential aspects that determine whether a destiny is good or bad. Having too little or too much of a certain element can pose challenges. 

In Mr. Chew’s Bazi, the Water element is very strong as it appears in various pillars, implying wealth opportunities as well as huge challenges. The good thing is, the combination of his Month branch [] and Day branch [] gives birth to the Earth element, which enhances the ability to withstand the strong Water element. This balance and harmony in Mr. Chew’s Bazi chart indicates he enjoys relative stability in life.


Success in tech industry

Beyond the Earth and Water elements, Mr. Chew’s success in the technology industry is most likely attributed to the hidden stem, which reveals the Fire element, commonly associated with passion, innovations and progress. 

Hidden Stems are Heavenly Stems hiding inside the Branches. They represent a person’s hidden potential or disaster, depending on whether the elements revealed are favorable. Obviously for Mr. Chew, the Fire element is considered favourable, at least for now.


How Luck Pillars indicate luck, happenings and events



A Bazi chart can also reveal the lucky periods and cycles in one’s life. For example, we can deduce from Mr. Chew’s Bazi chart that his good fortune began in his teens as he entered cycles with the favourable Wood element in the Luck Pillar of “Age 12-21” and “Age 22-31”.


Time plays an important role

At present, he is in the 10-year luck cycle of Yang Fire [丙] in the Luck Pillar of “Age 32-41”. This current period indicates the presence of benefactors and good career progress. At the same time, this Luck Pillar’s Earthly Branch 辰 represents a treasure trove [财库], where much of his wealth will be stored. Thus, he can amass immense wealth as long as he puts in effort in his career. Is it a coincidence that Mr. Chew became TikTok’s CEO in 2021 when he was 38 years old? 

What’s more, he was well-regarded then by ByteDance founder and chief executive Zhang Yiming, who praised Mr. Chew, and said that “he brings deep knowledge to the company and industry, having led a team that was among our earliest investors and having worked in the technology sector for a decade”.


What’s next for Mr Chew?

Well, the ‘Fire’ cycle will continue in the following two decades under the “Age 42-51” and “Age 52-61” Luck Pillars, indicating continual progress for Mr. Chew’s career. In fact, his best cycle will be in “Age 52-61”. 

Last but not least, he needs to be mindful of his health conditions when he is between the ages of 62 to 71 years old. During this period, there is a clash in the pillars [未 vs 丑 ] that indicates potential health concerns.


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