The Achievers – Tiger, Snake and Pig 2021 Zodiac Forecast

The Achievers - Year of Tiger, Snake and Pig 2021 Zodiac Forecast

Are you born in the Year of the Tiger, Snake or Pig? Discover your Chinese Zodiac Forecast 2021 by Fengshui Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong.

Consisting of the Tiger, Snake and Pig, the Achievers will have significant career growth with the help of benefactors this year. Be enthusiastic in whatever you do, and exercise patience for smooth career development!

For People Born in the Year of the Tiger (Luck: 80%)

Those born in the year of the Tiger can expect steady improvement to their luck this year. With the help of both the Star of Aid (天乙) and Success Star (太阳), you will receive support from benefactors in your career. When in trouble, benefactors will also be there to lend you a helping hand. Make use of this opportunity to work hard, set clear goals, and go all out. As long as you stay focused, you will perform well. With the help of Marriage Star (红鸾), you can expect good marriage prospects and plenty of opportunities to meet new friends. However, pay attention to the Devious Star (吞陷), as it attracts conniving people.

Rank: 4/12
Auspicious Direction(s): Northwest, South
Auspicious Number(s): 7, 11
Auspicious Colour(s): Yellow, Brown, Red, Orange
Compatible Zodiac Sign(s): Horse, Dog


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For People Born in the Year of the Snake (Luck: 64%)

For those born in the year of the Snake, your luck will be moderate this year. That said, you will still make progress in your career with the assistance of the Achievement Star (三台), bringing you opportunities for promotion and wealth. Unfortunately, unlucky stars such as the Lawsuit (飞符) and Pessimistic (天哭) stars will impact you. As you are usually composed and sharp, you should cope well with these negativities. Be generous when dealing with people and avoid unnecessary confrontations. Try not to stick your nose where it does not belong and guard against conniving people. Also, pay extra care to your health and allow yourself to take a break from time to time.

Rank: 8/12
Auspicious Direction(s): South, Southwest
Auspicious Number(s): 7, 9
Auspicious Colour(s): Red, Orange, White, Gold
Compatible Zodiac Sign(s): Horse, Monkey


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For People Born in the Year of the Pig (Luck: 56%)

With the help of the Voyager (驿马) and Abundance (金舆) stars, you will be able to organise both work and life in an orderly manner, bringing about happiness and wealth luck. This year, it is favourable for you to develop your career abroad. Should an opportunity come by, do not hesitate for too long lest you miss out on it. When you feel like you have encountered a bottleneck, consider venturing abroad, as it could bring unexpected results. However, with the Mourning Star (吊客), there are bound to be uncertainties and troubles within the family. You need to be mentally prepared for it.

Rank: 9/12
Auspicious Direction(s): North, Northeast
Auspicious Number(s): 1, 3
Auspicious Colour(s): Blue, Black, Green
Compatible Zodiac Sign(s): Rat, Tiger


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