Mr. Lee Kuan Yew’s policy saved the “Carp” of Singapore!

Singapore river fengshui

Can you imagine what our country would be like today if the Singapore River hadn’t been cleaned up?

Since ancient times the Chinese have believed that carp represent auspiciousness and wealth, since the Chinese word for carp, lǐyú, sounds similar to lìyú, or “abundant benefits”. The fisherman who catches a carp will benefit and prosper – just as Singapore has prospered thanks to our beautiful carp! Wait, what?

Don’t worry, we haven’t gone off our rocker. The “carp” we’re referring to is none other than the Singapore River at the heart of Singapore’s civic and business districts. Geographically speaking, the river is shaped like a swimming carp, full of vitality. Before Singapore’s independence, goods from all over the world would reach Singapore via the river, helping to build our economy. Even today, the Singapore River plays an important role in our economy.


People choose to live in an environment where they can thrive. It’s no wonder, then, that Singapore’s main banks and even the Parliament House are located here. Among all the financial institutions, UOB is a local bank situated closest to the river, at the juicy and meaty belly of the “carp”. When viewed at a distance, the two UOB buildings resemble a pair of chopsticks, gripping the carp – perhaps that’s why UOB continues to stand out in such a competitive industry!

A fish needs clean water to survive, and feng shui also emphasis the need for clean, pure water. Back in the 50s and 60s, however, the Singapore River was a ghastly, stinking mess! Consequently, gangs flourished in the area. After it was cleaned up in the 70s, crime abated. We can only imagine what Singapore would be like today if it hadn’t been cleaned up.

Finally, take a second look at the Singapore River and you’ll realize that Cavenagh Bridge, according to feng shui, represents a “dragon gate”. The result is a superb “Carp Jumping Over Dragon Gate” formation, which may well have helped us prosper and put Singapore on the world map! Setting up office here should help generate wealth for you, perhaps by making you work harder to pay the rent…