Psst… There Are Sharks on Display at Parkview Square!

parkview square fengshui

Have you ever noticed a walled-in building with an elaborate Art Deco facade along North Bridge Road, next to Bugis MRT station? From the outside, it looks like a museum or art gallery, but this beautiful building “Parkview Square” is actually a commercial office complex!

Parkview Square’s exterior is mostly sandy yellow in colour, which some have surmised to be representative of the owner’s surname. From fengshui perspective, the building’s colour represents the Earth element, which symbolises steadiness and is mutually generative with the strong Metal element produced by The Gateway nearby.

Indeed, the twin towers that comprise The Gateway are a cause for raised eyebrows and may even strike fear into some hearts! Viewed from the front, these two diamond-shaped blocks look like sharp and imposing sword blades. From a fengshui point of view, the sharp edges of these towers create an excess of negative qi that can affect The Gateway’s occupants and surrounding environment.

If you explore Parkview Square in greater depth, you will find that it’s not just a pretty face: entering the grounds feels like entering another world. Every inch of the place, from the granite walls to the carved motifs and sleek interiors, is incredibly ornate. In fact, the famous Divine bar within the building consists of a 12-metre high wine tower which costs over $10 million to build. It’s certainly worth visiting for a drink!

The Divine Wine Bar in the Batman Building.

Now, there is another good reason to visit Parkview Square! In 2017, Parkview Museum, located inside Parkview Square, opened its doors to the public for the first time. The first exhibition, on show now, is On Sharks & Humanity, which supports shark conservation efforts and questions the human role in environmental degradation. Sharks are widely known as serial killers of the sea but are humans actually the worst? Why not pay a visit to Parkview Museum to find out more!

This travelling art exhibition is open to the public from now till 26 June 2017, 11am to 7pm. Admission is free, so make a trip to Parkview Square Level 3 for a fun and educational adventure!