The Rich – Monkey, Rooster and Dog 2021 Zodiac Forecast

The Rich - Year of Monkey, Rooster and Dog 2021 Zodiac Forecast

Are you born in the Year of the Monkey, Rooster or Dog? Discover your Chinese Zodiac Forecast 2021 by Fengshui Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong.

Consisting of the Monkey, Rooster and Dog, the Rich will find their wealth growing in tandem with their career, allowing them to rake in a fortune this year. When faced with new projects, remember to consider whether it is worth your time and effort before agreeing to take them on.


For People Born in the Year of the Monkey (Luck: 92%)

People born in the year of the Monkey are the ultimate winners in 2021, reaping both wealth and profits. This year, with the Emperor (紫微) and Prosperity (龙德) stars watching over you, benefactors will show up to lend a hand. Not only will you impress at work, you will also be highly regarded by your boss. With great wealth luck this year, you can dedicate some time towards financial investments, and when the time is right, you can consider going big. When pursuing new interests, you will invariably face certain obstructions along the way. You will be able to overcome these problems by being tactful. With the help of the Happiness Star (天喜), you will enjoy a happy and convivial family life. Enjoy every moment and be grateful for it.

Rank: 1/12
Auspicious Direction(s): North, Northwest
Auspicious Number(s): 1, 11
Auspicious Colour(s): Blue, Black, Yellow, Brown
Compatible Zodiac Sign(s): Rat, Dog


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For People Born in the Year of the Rooster (Luck: 72%)

With a commensurate amount of lucky and unlucky stars, 2021 will be a mixed bag for people born in the year of the Rooster. Wealth and career wise, it leans positive, for both Prosperity Star (岁禄) and Wealth Star (金匮) are gleaming over you, bringing about impressive wealth luck, career progression and assistance from benefactors. Moreover, you will come across many opportunities and make many new friends. Remember, nobody is perfect. Focus on the positives and make it a point to maintain good relationships. You should consider investing in real estate, as luck favours you in that area. It is easy for you to get injured, so stay vigilant when you go out.

Rank: 6/12
Auspicious Direction(s): Southwest, Northwest
Auspicious Number(s): 9, 11
Auspicious Colour(s): White, Gold, Yellow, Brown
Compatible Zodiac Sign(s): Monkey, Dog


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For People Born in the Year of the Dog (Luck: 88%)

Bid farewell to the difficult 2020 and welcome 2021 with open arms! Those born in the year of the Dog will usher in a year of great prosperity. The advent of the Prosperity Star (福星), Star of Benevolence (天德), and Fortune Star (福德) indicates that you will be blessed with benefactors, career growth and great fortune. Put your plan into practice and overcome your limits; all matters shall proceed according to plan. When dealing with people, be mindful of your words. Remember that problems can only be resolved by remaining calm. In terms of relationships, you are prone to quarrels. Put aside your ego and be honest with yourself.

Rank: 2/12
Auspicious Direction(s): Northeast, South
Auspicious Number(s): 3, 7
Auspicious Colour(s): Green, Red, Orange
Compatible Zodiac Sign(s): Tiger, Horse


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