Lead Me to A Successful Career

Lead Me to A Successful Career

Homes have gone beyond just a roof over our heads. New technological frontiers have pushed work further away from offices and nearer to our homes. Be it your workstation at home or in the office, it should always be set in a way to allow smooth flow of qi. Only then can you enjoy high levels of energy, discipline and creativity.

Time for Spring Cleaning

Always keep your desk clean and tidy to ensure good qi circulation. Make the effort to clear away unnecessary items and keep your things well-organised. Seeing a neat desk shall set you in a better mood and enable you to face challenges at work with composure. Facing auspicious directions like Northeast or East while seated at your desk shall allow you to receive positive energy too.

Contain Qi and Boost Wealth

It is a feng shui taboo to have no wall behind you, as it implies a lack of support. For those who work inside a cubicle, it is best to have a cubicle wall behind you that is at least as high as your head while seated. This shall help to contain qi within your cubicle and aid in boosting wealth. If the wall is not high enough, you may consider placing Dragon Head Tortoise behind you to garner wealth, provide protection and attract benefactors to aid you along the path to success.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

It is unadvisable to have mirrors in your cubicle, as they will reflect and disperse positive energy. If you really need a mirror, do keep it in your drawer when not in use. Or, you may place one that is no bigger than the size of your palm.

No Doors Please

Another situation to avoid is having a door behind you. In this case, the door is denoted as an entrance that invites villains and threats, as you cannot see who or what is approaching from behind. Also, keep movements behind you to a minimum or you will feel a constant sense of restlessness.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon?

Ever heard of the Four Celestial Guardians in feng shui? The Green Dragon sits on the left while the White Tiger is on the right. The former should be higher than the latter, so keep your folders, books and stationery etc. on the left of your desk. You can also consider placing a Green Dragon emblem there.