Landed Fengshui

Landed Fengshui

Day in and day out, we work hard to accumulate and maintain our wealth, to earn a good life for ourselves and loved ones. At the end of each day, going home to the aroma of warm dinner, a smile from our partner and the embrace of our little ones… that‘s life.

Nothing matters more than good health and family harmony, which enable us to work with a peace of mind. Yet, in the midst of daily bustle, life can sometimes turn out differently, which makes you question, how did things get this way?

Immense stress at work may cause you to be easily irritated at home, or perhaps your household members have been falling ill too often  are these due to lifestyle problems or could there be other underlying issues that are not immediately visible?

Home fengshui explores the environment where one resides, and analyse the relationship between the individual and his/her home. Good home fengshuican create a harmonious environment for you and your family, allowing all to flourish in the areas of happiness, career, academic, health and romance etc. Nevertheless, different property types call for different considerations.

For example, prior to purchasing a HDB flat or condominium unit, you most likely would not check the soil condition, roofing or even the position of your toilet, as these are fixed structures, typical of apartments in Singapore. On the other hand, if you are going to stay in a landed property, it is important to evaluate the foundation of the house, moisture, soil, roofing, etc. to avoid incurring extra costs after your purchase. Landed properties have greater flexibility in terms of the building layout, facade as well as its peripheral, thereby commanding greater considerations in home fengshui.

When evaluating home fengshui for landed properties, here are some common considerations that are included in a private residential fengshuiconsultation service:


Positive energy can boost harmony within the household, and encourage the smooth progress of matters. This is why the location and the surrounding environment of your landed property extends beyond real estate value. A professional fengshui master will be able to identify conflicting negative energies such as sharp objects or incoming traffic that leads straight to your main entrance, and provide remedies to improve the situation. He can also provide strategies to attract and garner more positive qi.


Ever heard of the Four Celestial Guardians in fengshui? The Green Dragon sits on the left while the White Tiger is on the right. The former should be higher than the latter, hence if you build a house, ensure that the left side of your house should be slightly taller than the right. At the back, there’s the Black Tortoise that represents the backbone and support of the home and its occupants. It is recommended for houses to sit facing a wide horizon, which represents the Red Phoenix and aspirations. However, land is scarce in Singapore and it is not always possible to find a house in Singapore that fulfills these ideal conditions. The good news is, there are other fengshui remedies that a professional fengshui master can share with you.


What materials and colours are being used for your facade and roof? Going beyond practical features, the outer appearance of your house can influence you and your household. In addition to its compatibility with its surrounding environment, the chosen elements should also complement with the owners‘ Bazi.


A good direction is one of the essential factors for a house to have good fengshui. For landed properties, we usually take the main gate as the main direction of the house. However, there is more to home fengshui than just a good direction. The size and proportion of your front door in relation to the house, as well as the pathway that leads to it call for considerations too. After all, this is where energy is being garnered into your home.


Each sector in your home varies in auspiciousness. Individual rooms such as the living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc. sitting in different sectors will shape the overall luck for you and your family. Besides that, the strategic position of stairs and/or lifts is crucial to avoid conflicting forces within your home. Do take note that having a toilet on the second storey, directly above the stove in the kitchen is a fengshui taboo too. From getting the bed position right to avoiding conflicting forces of doors directly in line with one another, there are countless things to take note of. As such, a professional fengshui master can help to make things easily, and turn unfavourable situations into favourable ones.


More than just a shelter, your home is a private sanctuary to relax and rejuvenate, as well as to spend quality time with your loved ones.

This personal space has far-reaching influences on various aspects of your life, beyond its physical boundaries. When there is harmony in your household, all other aspects of your life such as career, wealth, etc. shall flourish. Hence, good home fengshui is essential.

Bear in mind, ‘harmony breeds prosperity’.



Established since 1984, Way Fengshui is the undisputed urban residential fengshui expert in Singapore with more than 30 years of experience. Over the past 5 years, our consultancy team has achieved at least 97% customer satisfaction and an average repeat customer rate of 50%.

We define fengshui as the study of an individual and his relationship with his environment. This is where we begin: analysing the circumstances unique to you  ’determined by the date and time of your birth‘ and aligning them with your personal goals.

Under the mentorship of Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong, Master Goh Guan Leong and our consultancy team will help you achieve the much-needed balance of health and happiness at home. Please refer to the chart below for a simplified version of our workflow:

Our residential fengshui consultation services include, but are not limited to the following aspects:

  • Relationships and health
  • Career and wealth opportunities
  • Wealth position of your house
  • Wen Chang position (for academic considerations)
  • Optimal furniture arrangement
  • Lucky colours and unlucky colours
  • Auspicious dates to renovate and shift premises
  • We provide private residential fengshui consultation services for:


  • Landed Properties
  • Extensions/AA Projects / Construction Projects