Water Feature Is The Key To Success in 2024

In fengshui, the water feature plays an important role in enhancing wealth and promoting harmony between the home owner and family members. The incorporation of yin-yang elements in this design denotes balance and harmony. Placing this emblem at home ensures a life of comfort, happiness and good health, as well as enhancing wealth, harmony and fortune.

Prosperous Harmony


The Wealth God at rest is the epitome of relaxation and contentment, denoting the enjoyment of abundant wealth in return after working hard. The gold ingot in his hand and the engraving of “Prosperity” ‘發’ on the emblem’s base signifies great wealth and continuous fortune. Display this emblem at home or in your office for great opportunities and a life of relaxation and confidence.

Abundant Wealth

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The deer represents prosperity, longevity and opportunities for career advancement. The treasure bowl in its body can hold coins, denoting flourishing career and wealth. With its base designed in the shape of the Ruyi sceptre, this emblem also ensures smooth progress and support from benefactors. Display Road to Riches at home or in your office to enhance your career and wealth for greater success!

Road to Riches

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Cats are highly active and are commonly associated with fearlessness and sociability. Designed with a crystal ball and engraved with the Chinese character for popularity ‘缘’, Joyous Encounter can enhance charisma and positivity, aiding you to handle all matters with ease. Display this exquisite cat emblem at home or in your office to garner good fortune and maintain a pleasant mood.

Joyous Encounter

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The 2-in-1 combination of the Wen Chang Pagoda and Wen Chang Brush can boost energy and learning ability so one can easily absorb and apply knowledge effectively. The octagon base is engraved to represent the eight directions. To improve learning luck, display the Pagoda of Wisdom facing the Wen Chang direction based on your Bazi.

Pagoda of Wisdom

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The majestic general symbolises power and energy. Holding six ancient coins in its body, this general helps to guard against the Grand Duke, withstanding negative energies. Hanging it at its designated position shall give you courage, protect your wealth and ward off negativity.

Guardian General

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Made from rainbow obsidian and black sandalwood in the shape of the Chinese character for good fortune ‘福’, Eternal Prosperity brings prosperity and boosts both physical and mental health. Placing it at home or in your office will allow you to be in top form and excel in everything you do.

Eternal Prosperity

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Inspired by the sugar pagoda and made of bronze, the ShanHai Formation acts as a protective shield to defend the home against negative energies. It also symbolizes protection and a bringer of good luck and safety, fostering a calm environment for peace.

ShanHai Formation

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Encapsulating the energies of the three heavenly beasts in Fengshui — the Qi Lin, Tian Lu and lion, the transparent 3D design of the arc-shaped Heavenly Beast Shield enables it to ward off misfortune and suppress negative energy. Place it at the top of your door or other suitable locations to bring balance and harmony to your home or office.

Triple Celestial Shield

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