2022 Zodiac Forecast – Goat


Are you born in the Year of the Goat? Discover your Chinese Zodiac Forecast for 2022 by Fengshui Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong.

Luck [80%]

In 2022, those born in the year of Goat are blessed by lucky stars that bring significant improvement in fortune from the previous year. With the Star of Kindness (月德) and Happiness Star (天喜), help will arrive from many benefactors, with all things going according to plan. This is the best time to do what you have always wanted to. You will have constant support with your good interpersonal skills. Take action in order to set things in motion. This year, avoid having too much cash on hand as you may be tempted to squander them.

Rank: 4/12
Auspicious Direction(s): East, Northwest
Auspicious Number(s): 4, 12
Auspicious Colour(s): Green, Blue, Black
Benefactor Sign(s): Rabbit, Pig


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