2019 Auspicious Stars – Wealth, Benefactor, Romance and Academic Stars


icon_small_0011_Vector Smart ObjectTHE WEALTH STARS

No matter who you are, I trust that we all want what’s best for ourselves and the people close to us. In order to achieve that, we require money- a necessity created by the needs and wants of people. Activating the Wealth Star is one of the ways to give your wealth luck a boost.

Zheng Cai Wealth Star generally refers to hard-earned money, while Pian Cai Wealth Star refers to money earned as a result of windfall luck.

How do we activate the Wealth Stars?

Consider placing a piggy bank,  Abundant Prosperity, or Fortune of Wealth in your living room or office, and place money into these containers on a daily basis for unobstructed wealth luck.

wealth wealth2







icon_small_0009_Vector Smart ObjectTHE BENEFACTOR STARS

As the Chinese saying goes, “One relies on one’s parents when at home, and on friends when outside”. While we may all agree that money is indispensable in this day and age, it is the assistance from benefactors we should truly value.

Activating both Zheng Gui Ren and Pian Gui Ren Benefactor Stars might bring benefactors your way, lending you a hand in times of need.

How do we activate the Benefactor Stars?

Consider displaying the Formidable Dragon Head Tortoise, Flowing Prosperity, portraits of your loved ones or Dragon Head Tortoises in your living room or office to provide your career with a well-deserved boost and promote harmonious interpersonal relationships and never-ending happiness.

dht fp







icon_small_0007_Vector Smart ObjectTHE ROMANCE STARS

While some may think that the Romance Stars will only affect a person’s love life, activating the Romance Stars will actually boost one’s interpersonal relationships in general. However, should one abuse the effects of the Romance Stars, one may draw ruin upon oneself.  As such, make sure you have a thorough understanding of the Romance Stars to maximise their benefits.

How to activate the Romance Stars

Consider displaying the Mandarin Ducks, Smooth Fortune, or a vase in your house or bedroom to ameliorate your interpersonal relationships, bringing about happiness, marriage luck, and favourable relationship developments.








icon_small_0002_Vector Smart ObjectTHE ACADEMIC STAR

From the perspective of fengshui, every home has a spot where the child can focus better, resulting in excellent grades. This spot is the Wen Chang position. With some adjustments to the Wen Chang position, the child can better concentrate and gain stronger comprehension and learning capabilities. For adults, activating the Wen Chang Academic Star can provide insight into career matters and increase the likelihood of a Eureka moment during work.

How to activate the Academic Star?

First and foremost, do your best to ensure that the location is neat and tidy. Studying in a neat and tidy location definitely helps you concentrate..

Consider placing a Wen Chang Pagoda on your study table. Your mind shall become more agile as a result, aiding in your career or academic development.



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