Course Outline

Course Fee include (Tarot for Beginner to Advance and Numerology)

Tarot ( Beginner )

  • Tarot Symbology
  • Psychology
  • Astro Wheel
  • Connections with Colours & Tarot
  • Simple Numerology
  • Teaching of Various Tarot Spreads & Methodologies
  • Understanding the Major & Minor Arcana
  • Test (Beginners Tarot)


  • Background and History of Numerology
  • Defining Master Numbers
  • Difference of Personality Stages
  • Teaching of Grids
  • Charting of Analysis
  • Test (Numerology)

Tarot ( Advance )

  • Advanced Tarot Theories
  • More Complex Spreads (Chakra, Health & Empress)
  • Practical Test (Advanced Stage)


  • Tarot & Numerology MasterClass is one of the most accurate divination methods originated from the Western World.
  • Each syllabus taps into our deepest subconscious mind and brings it to Light.
  • This MasterClass is taught with easy application yet providing quick results hence the popularity among divination amateurs all around the World.
  • Upon completion of this course, students will gain clarity and positivity to improve their own prospects in Life.


  • Certification with IFSA Endorsment
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