Zodiac Monthly Forecast: 7th Dec 2023 – 5th Jan 2024

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Published: 29 Nov 2023

Being conceited may lead you to believe that you have already reached your peak. However, you must continue to improve yourself, or you may be surpassed by others one day. Rainfall will continue to be this month, especially in Southeast Asia. Be careful of a possible influenza outbreak. The United States should guard against natural disasters.


You will have more social gatherings this month, which inadvertently causes you to incur extra expenses. Consider declining social invitations tactfully where necessary. Amidst your busy work schedule, pay attention to your health and minor ailments. You should go for a medical checkup soon.


Your work performance in the past year is recognised by everyone, including your boss. You are likely to be promoted in the coming year. Consider organising a family vacation to spend quality time with your loved ones. Eating more nutritious foods can boost your immunity.


You need sufficient rest to be in peak condition to deal with challenges. Your health determines your wealth, so stay healthy to improve your fortune. Be careful of slippery floors or objects in the bathroom that may cause you to slip and injure yourself.


Prone to mood swings and distractions, you lack motivation and may easily quarrel with others. Stay calm and avoid acting on impulse. Consider doing yoga or jogging to relax. Minor illnesses can turn serious, hence you should seek medical aid if you feel unwell.


You are on track to achieve your career or learning goals. Stay positive and you shall succeed. Year-end sales may be tempting, but you must spend rationally. Do not follow fashion trends blindly. Cherish the time you spend with your family and don’t shy away from expressing your love.


It’s time to reward yourself after a year of hard work. Taking an overseas vacation with your loved ones can enhance family bonds and allow you to relax. Plan your itinerary in advance for a more fulfilling trip. This can also help you to stay within your budget.


Unaddressed misunderstandings will affect your relationship and cause unnecessary doubts. Communicate openly with your spouse to clear the air and gain mutual understanding. Your relationship will be stable if both parties are willing to communicate and compromise.


Home is a safe haven. You can count on your family and gain their support if you suffer grievances outside of home. You do not have to suffer in silence. Control your emotions and avoid saying nasty things to your partner. You should always treat him or her with care.


You may easily catch a cold due to the erratic weather. Take more supplements to increase your immunity. Also, drink in moderation to avoid damaging your liver. Keep your money and valuables safe when you go shopping, and be careful when using the stairs.


Your heavy workload threatens to overwhelm you, leading to frequent mood swings. Try to delegate your tasks and carve out some time for rest so that you can strike a better work-life balance. Maintain a light and nutritious diet to prevent cardiovascular diseases.


Eating more nutritious food can boost your immunity and prevent infections. Avoid sighing constantly when you are working. This may affect your colleagues’ morale, drive away good fortune and attract bad luck. Help those who are in need, and you may get unexpected rewards.


Avoid taking a tough stance when disagreeing with colleagues. Calm down and listen to the other party before drawing conclusions. Proper communication is key to reaching a consensus. When doing activities such as mountain trekking, mind your step to avoid injuries.


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