Zodiac Monthly Forecast: 6th May – 5th Jun 2023


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Instead of standing by the sidelines during conflict, it is best to understand the citizens’ sentiments in order to keep them satisfied. Everyone should guard against disasters this month, especially since unexpected incidents in China, the United States and India may cause disruptions in the global economy. Take action after careful observation when the time is right.



With flourishing romance luck, this is a good year to get married. Singles are likely to meet a potential partner and your proactiveness could lead you into a new relationship. Married people are advised to keep a distance from the opposite gender to avoid misunderstandings.



You can achieve good grades if you work hard and avoid getting addicted to television or games. Your increased workload means that you are recognised by your superior. Take the chance to demonstrate your efficiency and time management skills.



Amidst the recent erratic weather, bring an umbrella when heading outdoors. Take the initiative to strive for good opportunities. If you are willing to work hard and try different approaches, your effort will be recognised by the other party.



Learning boosts happiness. Consider joining a self-enrichment course in your spare time to learn new knowledge that can benefit your career or future development. As two heads are better than one, consider confiding in trusted companions if you encounter problems instead of dwelling on them alone.



Singles may meet someone you like. To increase your chances, show them your humour and warm
personality. Gossips may cause misunderstandings and conflict for those in a relationship. Try to spend more time together, listen to your other half and practise mutual trust.



Your career is starting to take off. You will see good results if you persevere. Watch your step when going hiking or trekking with your loved ones. If it rains, beware of falling stones that may injure you. This month, avoid visiting patients or attending weddings and funerals.



You are ready to take your relationship to the next level after years of dating. Discuss with your partner to set your wedding plans. Singles are likely to make new friends in social settings. Take the initiative to express your interest if you meet a suitable partner.



After working for others for many years, the prospect of being your own boss is appealing. Discuss your business idea with trusted friends for the best way forward. Scrutinise all rules and regulations prior to signing any contract, otherwise you may easily incur disputes.



There is a chance for promotion as you are recognised for your excellent leadership skills and efforts. Your subordinates will do their best as you are a considerate and caring leader. Stay grateful and keep doing good deeds to give back to society to enjoy constant good luck.



Your professionalism is admired by all as you go the extra mile to meet your customers’ excessive demands. Put family harmony first and avoid arguing over small matters. All matters can be resolved smoothly if everyone does their part and communicates calmly.



Singles looking for a serious relationship can attend more social events to meet their potential partner. You will make progress with increased interaction. Consider cultivating a common hobby with your partner to forge a closer bond and enhance your relationship.



You are frustrated due to various problems, including serious delays in work progress. Stay positive and seek help from your colleagues. There’s always a solution to every problem. Strive to maintain family harmony and avoid venting your frustrations on your family.


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