Residential Feng Shui Services FAQ

My house is newly-renovated. Would the feng shui assessment requite me to make drastic changes?

In this case, the Master will suggest ways to rectify the unfavourable factors but avoiding major modifications (e.g. knock down walls, alter door orientation). As for the crucial aspects in feng shui like stove position, bed position etc., the Master will definitely make recommendations, if need be, so that you and your family can reap the optimal feng shui benefits.

Is moving house the only option if my house had bad feng shui? Are there ways to rectify the situation?

The Master will suggest ways to improve the feng shui, but we would require your cooperation so as to make the best of the current situation. In the event that the feng shui is beyond redemption, moving house may be the best option. However, the Master will consider the overall circumstances and try to extend the occupancy period for a few years.

Would the feng shui assessment result in an odd furniture arrangement for my house?

Many people worry that feng shui designs require an unusual furniture arrangement, but this worry is uncalled-for. Good feng shui designs are not only practical but meet aesthetic needs too. Your design opinions are welcomed and the Master will try to adhere to your requests without compromising on the feng shui effects.

Will the residential feng shui assessment benefit my company too?

Yes, in a way. Good home feng shui can bring forth a positive mood, enabling you to face challenges at work with confidence. As the techniques used in commercial feng shui are different from residential feng shui, if you hope to see significant improvement in your business, it is highly recommended to engage our commercial feng shui services.